Hi, I’m Brielle. I’m a quirky introvert, an unwavering lover of design, a codeaholic, & I’m A  Mammanator of five children, mammanating motherhood all while living a life I designed & desired. My greatest passion is helping mothers, from all backgrounds, live a life reaching their highest potentials! As a mom of five, with an entrepreneurial drive to do something profound within my life, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help other mothers discover their true desires and reach their highest potentials by launching world & life changing businesses and brands. Read my story below then come over to join us on social media. I look forward to becoming part of your journey, as well as, you becoming a part of mine.

  • Picture of Brielle and her Kids
  • My Love For Design & Motherhood

    I have always been artistically driven. The emotion that overcomes me when I interact with anything has always fascinated me. I love the power that a great design holds, it can move a human in ways that are life-changing. It has the power to remove hate, sadness, and grief from the life of those who come across it. The day I realized the power of design… good design,  there was nothing more I wanted to do but to change lives with it. Give people hope who have lost it, send love to those who need it, and provide life-changing experiences, all with design.

    I grew up in a small town an hour south of Atlanta, where big dreams are all the town has to offer. I would often find myself daydreaming about the world beyond the city limits, a place where dreams didn’t brew but were taken and brought to life. I always had this empathy for people and especially for those who were living in circumstances that were beyond their control. Being this small town girl, living in a city that didn’t even own a Walmart or hospital, who also was dealing with my own hardships, I knew I was going to have to take leaps of faith that would shake most people to create this life I have always dreamed of and desired.

    As a young single mother, I had a fire inside of me to change my life so that I could help others leap into a life that would pull them out of circumstances that they “think” are beyond their control. To make a very long story short, (I’ll just share the exciting stuff), I met my husband in February of 2011 and with him I took a giant leap of faith, marrying him after only knowing him for four months. I married him that morning, and that night, together we took another leap of faith and we moved him and his three children and myself and my son from Georgia to Texas. It has been magical ever since, seven years later I can say that I married my best friend that day, I gained some amazing bonus children and we even added to our Brady bunch tribe having a son together.

    As a full-time mom to five delicate hearts, who all have a diverse background due to living in a dynamic blended family, is what guided me to discover my love and passion for helping moms live within a motherhood that wouldn’t leave them sitting with regret as their children walk into their own adulthoods.  Being able to work with moms to realize their dreams and discover their highest potentials using design as the foundation is a dream come true for this once small town girl.

    My everyday work is a dedication to providing moms with top notch tools and resources that will allow them to launch their rocket of idea’s into the atmosphere, building successful businesses and brands that will allow them to have an unmonotonous thriving motherhood.