Designer | Photographer | Front-end Developer | Marketer | Sunshine Enthusiast

Professional Profile

I am an inward thinker, an outward creator, a writer and designer, a natural life photographer and a marketer who is capable of producing high-end marketing material and strategy that engages the target audience and drives sales recognition. I have a transverse background in design and photography which allows me to thrive in even the most divergent team-player, environments. Recently I have been focused on web-design and development with the intent to provide better user experiences across the web, within marketing strategies, and during the design process.  I passionately apply the necessary grit and adaptability towards my work to compassionately contribute and collaborate on an empathetic level.

Professional Design Experience

Berkshire Hathaway Realty
Broker | 2015-2017

Worked on a two person team as the marketing designer and manager for our real estate business. Designed marketing materials for open houses, community events, email, and social media outlets.

Skills obtained: Advanced Print Design | Advanced Email Design | Web Design | Advanced Canva Design | Real Estate Photography | Real Estate Photo-editing | Advanced Branding through Design


Essence of Bliss Photography
Owner | 2011-current

Hobby owner and operator. I don’t run this as a business but I do shoot for free. This is a sheer passion project that ignited my love for design. You can check out my photography marketing material designs in my design portfolio.

Skills obtained: Self-taught | Photoshop Lightroom Natural light & setting photographer | Photo-editing Marketing | Marketing Design | Android Photographer Video-editing | Canon Rebel T3i | Community Outreach Development of a Fundraiser Program

View My Design Portfolio


Brielle Williams Fitness
Owner | 2011 – 2014

Designed and developed marketing materials to gain a larger client base. Designed digital marketing materials for online marketing to increase revenue for online client base.

Skills obtained: Digital Design | Social Media Design | Canva | Typography | Business Card Design | Ebook Design | Product Design | Web Design | Newsletter Design | Target Audience Design

Professional Photography Experience:

Essence of Bliss Photography
Owner | 2011 – Current

I am an outside-of-the-box photographer who captures life as it is happening. I have an eye for detail and visually see and absorb life’s natural beauty. I hone my level of patience with every shoot that I approach as I work with on-the-spot adaptability to capture the essence of the blissful moment that you are living within.

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“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I did not photograph them.”Diane Arbus

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